Friday, September 14, 2007

Global Communities Of Listings


I invite you to visit my website
This is a listings website.
There are various categories for shopkeepers, service providers – basically anybody with an activity or business including professionals.
The characteristic is that the listing appears in a page which is indeed local.
Please go to the website to discover yourself. The prices are very nominal. They start from Rs. 135/-. per year to Rs. 2430/- per year with a facility to change the listing completely or partially 12 times in one year. Currently, one month extra is being given free to all upon purchase of any type.
Happy browsing and hope to do business with like minded vocation practitioners / business owners. This is an idea and if you can relate with it, you are most welcome.

You may also visit which is the second website from Tripodot. This has listings appearing in a page which covers a broader geographical area but with a different rate structure. You may select the website which should serve your purpose better or which is more appropriate for your activity / business.

Guess what?! Now there is also – the third website. This has pages at the Regional Level and the rates go up further by the same factor.
Listing in one, two or all the websites is also welcome.

Thank you.
Sandeep Vij.